My Role
Lead Designer
Main Skills
Interaction Design, Visual Design, Motion Design

In its first post-pandemic product launch, Sonos tapped us to help launch three new products during an in-person event. To garner the attention of press and media audiences and drive media coverage, we designed immersive experiences to make people feel more, both digitally and physically.

First, we created an online interactive showroom of product features, which made 2D feel like 3D, and dynamic social content to draw consumers into the Sonos world. All of this was then anchored by an in-person event in New York City, which took participants on a journey enriched with sensory stimulations – with the intent to make them feel more.

With our target audience being press outlets we highlighted key product details and created WebGL 360° products to show off the physical features. The fantastical look and feel of the site directly align with the IRL event Jam3 produced.

Sonos website screenshot – Product selection page
Sonos website screenshot – Product detail page with a 360 interactive module
Sonos website screenshot – Media kit page for RoamSonos website screenshot – Media kit page for Ray
Sonos website screenshot – Product teaser playing in full screen
Sonos website screenshot – Some visual explorations from the project