Transa Inc.
Mobile App
My Role
Ui/UX Designer
Main Skills
Interaction Design, Visual Design, Motion Design, user research

Connecting different people, styles, and cultures has always been part of Melissa's DNA. This characteristic has inspired several Melissa projects both in and outside of Brazil, seeking to bring extremely connected people together with the best – and most plural – their cities have to offer in lifestyle, fashion, and on the streets.

This was the motivation that gave rise to the Melissa Insider app, a platform for inspiring experiences to help (re)discover urban spaces. Its proposal was to compile cultural tips from Melissa's six most active cities worldwide. São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Salvador, New York and London were carefully mapped out by a group of artists and influencers selected by Melissa's curators.

We faced the challenge of producing content, designing, and developing the Melissa Insider app in just three months. For the app experience, our primary goal was to allow people to quickly find tips and stay motivated to continue exploring the city. At its launch, the application already had 173 suggested experiences and 36 registered Insiders.

Melissa Insider app screenshot – Tips screen
Melissa Insider app screenshot – Mosaic showing the Insiders
Melissa Insider app screenshot – Filter by Insiders from the selected cityMelissa Insider app screenshot – Favorite experiences in a list formatMelissa Insider app screenshot – Filter by types of experiences