TV App
My Role
Lead Product Designer
Main Skills
Product Strategy, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Content Design, Motion Design, design system, Stakeholder Management

Globo is one of the biggest media-tech companies in the world – the biggest in Latin America – and Globoplay is their streaming service that offers free and premium content to watch live or on-demand. Millions of people spend hours browsing and watching videos on Globoplay every day across multiple platforms, making it the most popular Brazilian streaming service available.

I started working on this concept to not only solve users' problems, but also to elevate Globoplay with a fresh and very strategic vision based on user research and product goals – Creating a content-first experience. Smart. Simple. Relevant. For you.

Working at the intersection of product, branding and marketing, I was able to build a more unified design language for Globoplay while finding new opportunities to make subscriptions even more valuable for users and the business.

After stakeholder reviews, this side project became the product vision for the future with new cross-functional teams and resources fully dedicated to helping validate, evolve and build these proposals.

Globoplay TV app – Static home screen open on a TV placed in the living room
Globoplay TV app – Interactive dynamic cards displayed during a football matchGloboplay TV app – Interactive dynamic cards displayed during a live concert
Globoplay TV app – A mosaic with 4 screenshots from different sections in the app